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23 Spartans killed by a shot from a sniper - an incredible video -

23 Spartans killed by a shot from a sniper – an incredible video –

The halo is infinite A scene from an absurd post was recorded on video by Japanese YouTuber Sakana. Removed 23 Spartans together With one S7 Sniper Single Shot Rifle, the classic sniper rifle of the series in its new version.

The situation is obviously “built” especially one can do Video, It’s not a real game action, it’s still interesting, especially since it proves a physics content in Halo Infinite, it’s absurd and it may be right even if it’s very hard to get real ideas in the game.

Up to 23 Spartans in a single file, after sorting everything one by one precisely, Sakana positioned herself at the top of the line, with a precise blow to the head, not without a somewhat humorous effect. He was ejected in that single shot All 23 players together. In practice, the bullet of an S7 sniper rifle finds no obstacles in its flow, at least as far as the body of the enemy: it is capable of continuous piercing until the end of the run (or up to 23). Spartans, it is currently unknown whether we can go further).

The skit is somewhat hilarious and will lead to further explanations of the Magic Bulletin Sniper rifle Hollow is one of Infinite’s, and one of the most historically and most coveted weapons of the series, with some new details that remain unchanged significantly in the new chapter.

For the rest, the list of goals reveals the number of tasks of the Hollow Infinite campaign, the title in question is the most anticipated game in December 2021 by the authors and readers of

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