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225 million fine for WhatsApp, GDPR violation.  Download the reasons

225 million fine for WhatsApp, GDPR violation. Download the reasons

WhatsApp has been fined 5 225 million by the Irish Privacy Commission. This is the second major permit issued since the GDPR came into force. But there is no shortage of criticism of the very lenient approach of the Irish guarantee.

Share A fine of 225 million euros was imposed by the Irish Privacy Commission. It was the second largest permit granted since GDPR came into force, but it took decisive interventionEDPB (European Data Protection Board), an organization that gathers all European officials (including an Italian official) to push Ireland to increase fines.

Only Amazon He was fined 74 746 million in July by a Luxembourg guarantor.

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The weak link to the GDPR, the Irish guarantee, is provoking tensions among EU regulators

Facebook, The owner of WhatsApp, has its European headquarters in Ireland, which is why the Dublin Commission is the owner of the document on social media Mark Zuckerberg. WhatsApp has already announced that it will appeal.

The case opened in 2018

This permission applies to a lawsuit launched in 2018 to verify the transparency of the data processing information held by WhatsApp. In particular, under the ax of the Irish Guarantor, the opaque way of sharing WhatsApp user data (including mobile number for example) with the parent company of Facebook was completed. Given three months to turn things around.

The question is very technical, briefly about how WhatsApp users have been provided with enough information on how to use their data and if the privacy policies are clear enough. Since then, these policies have been updated several times.

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The rules of the GDPR allow companies to impose fines of up to 4% of their global revenue.

The Irish supervisor said he had submitted his decision to other European officials GDPR, “as part of a long and in-depth investigation” And received objections from 8 countries, including Germany, France and Italy.

Some of them demanded a substantial increase in fines compared to the Irish supervisor’s initial proposal. Therefore, in July, the EDPB ordered the Irish guarantor to reconsider the proposed fine of 30 to 50 million euros by revising the upward number, based on various articles of the GDPR.

Download Reasons for EDPB

Proper memory

All of this “shows how the Irish guarantor is still defunct”, The activist commented Max Shremes, Welcome to the message.

“The Irish Privacy Guarantee receives an average of 10,000 complaints a year from 2018, but this is the first approval of some importance.”Shrems added that under the Irish justice system, once WhatsApp is appealed, it can take many years for permission to be granted.