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Téléchargez des applications sur votre smartphone et randonnez autrement.

2 apps for hiking differently in Auvergne and around the world

Do you want to find multiple tracks in Candel, Auvergne, France, Europe or around the world? Do you want to rise while having fun? Download apps, and no worries, Circuits And Geocaching. All explanations with Highlands Tourism.

Emilen Franken, Licensed Tourist Guide to Rogue in Candol

All information about leisure activities on the site Candle Highlands Tourism


This is a free application that works everywhere in France. It shows all the hikes around your house.

The journey of the hike, the views to see, the perspectives you have

Find out Circuits

Download Survey Google Games Or App Store

The waterfalls are found in the roundabout and circus usage provided by Houth Terrace Tourism
Highlands Tourism


Another fun way to raise … Geocaching is a treasure hunt This is practically done with a GPS or smartphone. You need to download the free app. There will be different types of puzzles or GPS points for you to solve. You will find geographies on your hiking trail. This temporary storage contains small treasures that you can take with you if you keep another small treasure instead.

Geocaching is a global treasure hunt!

For example, you have There are 242 temporary reserves in the territory of the Highlands 155 of them were asked by Hots Terrace Tourism. Various tourist reception points can provide you with information and help you in your research.

Discover temporary caches around the alpaca in Candle with Geocaching app
Discover temporary caches around the alpaca in Candle with Geocaching app
Geocaching screenshot

Practical information

To begin with, Create an account Free geocaching, then Download the official Geocaching app Surely Google Games Or App Store Or use GPS.

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Find out Geocaching

We will find one at the Blue Base de Auvergne in France from Monday to Friday at 4:50 pm