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15 Best Nintendo Notes Found in Other Video Games

15 Best Nintendo Notes Found in Other Video Games

As seen recently Cyberpunk 2077 Or Creed Valhalla of the Assassin, There are many video games This includes Easter egg, Tips for other video games. In this article, we recommend Find 15 video games This includes the mentioned Easter eggs Nintendo characters. It should bring back some (good) memories.

# 15 Rupees Super Mario Galaxy

In Super Mario Galaxy, You can find a collection of pieces of blue stars that actually take the look of Opus gems The legend of Zelda. A note Very hard to find, Caused the pride of the players who achieved it.

Super in # 14 Starbox and F-Zero mario rpg: The legend of the seven stars

Find this nice little note Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars, You have to go to the Hinobio shop where you are located In the barrel volcano. As you inspect the items in the store, you will find these fun Easter eggs – models of three-dimensional spacecraft lined up. The first is no one else L’Arving de Starbox ! The second is related Blue Falcon, Captain Balkan’s ship, third, to Samurai Goro’s ship F-Zero, The Fire Stingray.

In the Zelda characters in # 13 Mario Golf

If you look at the rankings in the game Mario Golf, You can see the names of the characters in the series Zelda. Of the names that appear approximately, we find Link, Tarunia, Odd, CVT, Sarees and Zelda. There is also a reference to Star Fox with the name McLeod, which refers to Fox McLeod.

# 12 Kirby Beneath the earth

Kirby’s character The debug mode in the game appears as a slider Earth, A game developed by HAL Labs.

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# 11 Pokemon Awesome Mario Galaxy

A stunning Pokball-shaped planet awaits you Super Mario Galaxy. To get there, you have to wait until the level is almost complete “Floating Island – Floating Fortress“.

# 10 Mario Pilotwing64

In Pilotwings64, If you choose to fly to “Little States”, you will find a replica of Rushmore Mount Mario’s head To replace George Washington. Then you can shoot the side of the mountain A cannon ball Or with Chiropractor missiles, Which will break the stone. You will find it surprising Wario’s face Was behind Mario.

# 9 Mario Description of Zelda

The mask vendor appears on several topics The legend of Zelda, And in particular Ocarina of time And Mask of Majora. The masks he wears on his back and sells in his shop represent a wide variety of characters, but the most popular is definitely one of them. Note on Mario. You need to take a look The back of his bag Appear The face of our favorite plumber.

# 8 Mario and Luigi Ocarina of the period

Here is a popular tip! In Ocarina of time, When the connection meets Dalon at Hirool Castle, It is difficult to find similarities with Mario. On closer inspection, we can see that too Dalon pin Designed to look like Bowser’s head. Many fans of his farm worker, Ingo, Meanwhile, is modeled on Luigi.

# 7 Mario and Yoshi Metal Gear Solid: Double Snakes

In Metal Gear Solid: Double SnakesAfter defeating the ninja, take the time to scan the lab. You will find an idol Mario and Yoshi Lying on one of the broken computers. If you shoot it, You can hear a musical extract similar to them, And regain some health. In the previous room, you can find A Nintendo GameCube Placed on one of the tables.

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# 6 Sam’s ship Tonki Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

In the background, we can see in the game Tonki Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Ship of Samos, from Metroid. A funny detail, hidden in the dark.

# 5 Picachu Dance Senior Scrolls III: Tomorrow

The third part of the series Senior scrolls, Morroint, Has many references Pokemon characters, But the most popular is definitely the reference to Picasso. In fact, during the game, you’ll see the rest of the label. “உத்து alone“, Which directly refers to the name” Pikachu “. If you keep looking a little, you will see a note “If anyone sees me, I hope I can make them laugh.”. The successful work for the developers made the players laugh.

# 4 Connection and Sams super mario rpg: The legend of the seven stars

In Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars, can see Link and Samus. To view the link, you must go once Rose Town, At the hostel to spend the night. The link will sleep on your next bed when you wake up. Funny fact is, when you try to talk to him, you hear him Music Tune “Secret sound We ask Zelda’s work. To find Samos, you have to go The guest room of the castle After defeating Yaridovich. When you talk to her, she will tell you that she is resting before you fight Thai brain.

# 3 Link Final Fantasy1

Ah Elfia, Go to the cemetery next to the store and inspect the graves. The one on the left has the following inscription: Link here. This is definitely a note The iconic Nintendo Hero. In particular, this reference to Zelda’s character is found in all remakes Final Fantasy.

# 2 Mario Link to the past

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If you see where the link is looking, it was taken directly from a scene from this film Link to the past, You will find a Mario painting. You are currently One of the houses in the village of Kokoriko, And not just a Mario painted on its wall. He sees you as you run around Collect the crystals needed to defeat Akahnima.

# 1 Mario and Luigi Ocarina of the period

In Ocarina of time, When the connection finally reaches the garden In the courtyard of Hirool Castle Before meeting Princess Zelda, He can see interesting works of art through the castle window. By looking to the right of the camera, the player can actually see Pictures of Mario, Bowser, Luigi, Princess Beach and Yoshi. For information, shoot this window and get a reward of 20 rupees!

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