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13 games coming up in the second half of September 2021 –

In the second half of September 2021 Microsoft released the 13 games available on the Xbox Game Pass. Here is the complete list of free games for Xbox, PC and Cloud.

Games coming to Xbox Game Pass and their dates are here

  • Flynn [Console, PC & Cloud] – September 15: An action and stage game
  • I fish [Console, PC & Cloud] – September 16: Physics based fish simulator
  • Skateboard [Console, PC & Cloud] – September 16: Skateboarding game where we are a little bird
  • Superliminal [Console, PC & Cloud] – September 16: A perspective based puzzle game
  • அரகாமி 2 [Console, PC & Cloud] September 17: A joint action-theft
  • Lost words [Console, PC & Cloud] – September 23: A 2D puzzle platform
  • Sable [Console, PC & Cloud] -23 September: An exploratory adventure in a desert
  • Subnatica below zero [Console, PC & Cloud] – September 23: A Life, a sequel to the first Sapnatica
  • Stained Grail [PC] – September 23: RPG with rogue-like elements and deck building
  • Lemnis Gate [Console & PC] September 28: A tactical first-person shooter
  • Climbing Austria [Console, PC & Cloud] September 30: RPG based on a classic twist
  • Blind [Console & PC] September 30: 2D Metroitvania with retro graphic style
  • Phoenix Point [Console]- October 1: A turn-based strategy game

Xbox Game Boss: September 2021 Second Half Games

What do you think about the games coming to the Xbox Game Pass on PC, console and cloud in the second half of September 2021? Are you interested?

Finally, here are the games that will be removed from the Xbox Game Pass from September 31, 2021.