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11 • Nintendo Connect by Zockerstu

11 • Nintendo Connect by Zockerstu

In June 2019 the Collection of Mana For the Nintendo Switch. The ultimate fantasy adventure/Mystic Quest And The secret of the mind Play in English, French and German. Mental tests In addition to other languages ​​- you can also play in Spanish. There is also a multiplayer mode The secret of the mind (1 to 3 players) and Mental tests (1 to 2 players) available.

The secret of the mind Is a roll-flaming game for Super Nintendo released on November 24, 1994 in Europe by Square (now Square Enix). It was first named in Japan on August 6, 1993 Season Tension2 (剣 伝 説, 2) launched. This is a continuation of the game Seagan Tensetsu Known in North America since 1991 The ultimate fantasy adventure And in Europe Mystic Quest Appeared. This is the first title to be marketed as part of the Mana series rather than part of the Final Fantasy series. With the help of a multitap companion, you can play up to three players at once. The secret of the mind Reissued in 2008 for the Wii Virtual Console. On February 15, 2018, a remake of the PlayStation 4 and Steam (PC) was released, which included an improved graphics as well as English and Japanese voice output.

Gambler Rocket Beans has made a wonderful start to his SpeedRandale career today on the gaming YouTube channel The secret of the mind-Speedron, it even plays with 2 controllers at once! You can see how quickly this can be done in today’s episode:

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