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The Mario Red & Blue version does this differently

The Mario Red & Blue version does this differently

January 22, 2021 – 6:06 p.m. Clock

Nintendo surprise with Super Mario Switch

The Nintendo Switch was a huge success for the Japanese game maker, and topped the console’s bestseller list. Somewhat limited color versions of the Nintendo Switch are especially popular. Nintendo is bringing back compatible console packages themed for certain games – and these are often sold quickly and to collectors.

Nintendo Switch: New blue-red version available for pre-order

Nintendo is currently celebrating the 35th anniversary of the “Super Mario Bros.” game, with the successful development of the famous mustache bearer beginning in children’s rooms. To mark this birthday, Nintendo is releasing a special Nintendo Switch on February 12th. The console asks for a name Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition* And more colorful than any variation before.

Pre-ordering the Nintendo Switch console from Amazon is a cheaper option. It currently costs less than 330 euros there.

Nintendo Switch: That’s why the console is special

This is what you get in the Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue version.

© Nintendo

For the first time, a special edition of a Nintendo Switch is not only decorated, but completely colorful. On the screen, the center element of the console has a bright red border. The dock on which the Nintendo Switch TV mode rests is in red – it has two controllers.

The links for the Jaycon controller and controller holder provide the iconic shade of blue. As a bonus, the package features a storage bag in red and blue with the usual Super Mario icons.

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Nintendo Switch: Matching games are currently cheaper

If you have secured the Mario Red & Blue version of the Nintendo Switch, all you have to do is play the games because there is nothing in the bundle. One is currently running 3-to-2 offer* For various Nintendo Switch games. If you put three of them in the shopping cart, you will get the cheapest one for free. A good deal because Nintendo’s own games are often only available at normal prices for a very long time.

Nintendo Switch: These bundles are now more expensive or out of stock

It shows again and again that you need to be fast with new game consoles and limited special editions. Nintendo has already released several Nintendo Switch consoles as special editions, many of which are no longer available or only available to a limited extent at increased prices because collectors are protecting treasures. Here are some examples.

If you do not have Nintendo Switch yet or you want to add a special Super Mario Red & Blue version to your home now is the perfect time.

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