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Clubhouse atteint près de 13 millions de téléchargements… en un an !

▷ Clubhouse reaches nearly 13 million downloads a year!

With the epidemic, we are all looking for new ways to socialize. Clubhouse arrived just in time! Audio community usage has seen a sudden rise in popularity around the world in a year …

12.7 million downloads worldwide

Officially launched on September 14, 2020 in the iOS App Store, Clubhouse Celebrated its 17th anniversary on March 17, 2021. Six months after its launch, it has already recorded 12.7 million downloads worldwide, mainly in the US, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Russia, according to analytics firm App Annie.

  1. United States: 3.2 million
  2. Japan: 1.8 million
  3. Germany: 735,000
  4. Brazil: 615,000
  5. Russia: 540,000
  6. Malaysia: 567,000
  7. Italy: 435,000
  8. United Kingdom: 397,000
  9. South Korea: 387,000
  10. Turkey: 363,000

Last February’s figures were also impressive, down from 3.5 million downloads on February 1 to 8.1 million on February 16th. According to expert Vajresh Balaji, these figures have risen to more than 20 million downloads.

Will multiple copies of it break it?

It has attracted the attention of other mobile apps like Twitter that have been launched Intervals, Or Facebook, which works on the audio version of Messenger Rooms. This last feature could be a serious competitor to the audio app as it is affiliated with Facebook groups. Some announce his death Internet users may not be interested in downloading the new baby clubhouse, as many copies face the turn of a given event.

Nevertheless, Clubhouse could be a real opportunity to develop its digital marketing strategy, especially as it seeks to strengthen its relationship with key distributors and creators.

In this sense, Clubhouse has announced a new “Creator First” accelerator program that provides financial support and expertise to a group of selected creators with the aim of helping them grow their audience and monetize their Clubhouse efforts. Clubhouse will ensure that program participants earn at least $ 5,000 per month through the app.

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The development of the clubhouse to date is impressive, but the next steps are necessary if the audio community application is to remain in the game. Will its multiple copies outperform it or will it rather cope with being a new app?