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"Yours is only physical attraction, not conversation"

“Yours is only physical attraction, not conversation”

She wants him to try to beat her more so she can even take herself mentally to avoid it being just a physical thing.
In fact she spends all day with others, never looking for him, so the guy confronts her that in his view it was not just his fault.

“Do you ever come and talk to me? Because that doesn’t mean I’m alone all day, I’m with a lot of people, you’re not there, you’ll always be somewhere else. Do you know why there is no dialog? Because you will not see my face when I speak.

Denying everything, Sophie continues to prepare, while Gianmaria, annoyed by the situation, picks up and goes to the kitchen.
Lulu hears the discussion between the two boys, leaves the bathroom and calls Gianmaria back.

The boy returns, but he can not calm Sophie’s changed soul, and she tries to make him understand that his focus during the day is useless, because standing still without saying a word and looking at her does not provoke her anything. It wants to get to know him consistently.
“It’s okay to want your place during the day, but you come at eight in the evening and you look at me without saying anything and hug me. You understand that I get bored from such a situation.

The woman revealed the fundamental problem that needed to be solved, in order to pursue a more serious relationship than a simple friendship.
Will Gianmaria understand the dilemma and try to fulfill Sophie’s demands?

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