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Your package is coming and the trap is triggered

Your package is coming and the trap is triggered

This is the latest in a series of scams circulating on mobile phones: a message warning that a package with a clickable link is coming

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- formattare il cellulare (basta ripristinare le impostazioni iniziali dell'apparecchio);

- informare i contatti presenti nella rubrica di cestinare altri messaggi simili provenienti da quella utenza telefonica;

- cambiare tutte le password utilizzate nello smartphone: indirizzi email, account social, applicazioni varie a partire da quella della propria banca.

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Tuscany – The latest scam of traveling by mobile phone is particularly well thought out and the police have already warned: it is a warning message that a package is coming to the user or the package is in storage and see what it is. Shipment is about or at any point, you just need to click on a specific link like the one below, often within 48 hours with a specification for doing so:

Example of a fraud message

Example of a fraud message

In fact, link one Access key for sensitive data On the mobile phone, as proof of the lack of SSL certification: the connection actually starts “https” But with “http”.

If you click on the link, a page will open asking you to pay to open the incoming package, and once paid, usually 5 euros, hackers can access users’ personal information. Alternatively, by clicking on the link, an automatic correspondence is triggered and the same message is sent to all contacts on the affected cell phone.

“The only way to protect yourself is not to click the link – police explain – and to be more relaxed, you can stop the sender”.

The message in question appears to have come from an Italian phone number. But what can you do if you fall into the trap by clicking the link? The advice of the police is as follows:

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Design your mobile (Just reset the device’s initial settings);

Notify contacts The address is in the book Trash Others Similar messages from that phone link;

Change all passwords Used on smartphone: email addresses, social accounts, various applications starting from your bank.