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You too, test the Samsung "experience" on your iPhone

You too, test the Samsung “experience” on your iPhone

Hey you never know, do some of you want to try the Samsung “experience” on your iPhone? This is what the web application allows iTest Developed by a manufacturer for iPhone users in New Zealand (but anyone can participate). Once installed on the home screen of the smartphone, it is specially made in a part of Samsung, which we actually find in the interface of the Galaxy that can be customized with themes.

Icons lead to related apps, at least web versions that give you a little idea of ​​what they look like on a Samsung smartphone. The Galaxy Store lets you see some of the (real) apps available on Android. You can have fun getting started with Settings, Game Launcher (as its name implies, an app that allows you to launch downloaded games on the device), Samsung Health (equivalent to health), photos …

There are short videos showing some tips to go to the Galaxy in the camera app. We even get messages and calls (all false, of course)! Of course, we will not go far, but this demonstration is technically successful. Not sure if she changes many, but the idea is good.

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