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Deathloop is not like a rogue, there are limits to exploiting time loops - Nert 4.Life

New Release Date Revealed –

Deathloop, The new arcane game expected on May 21 has been postponed. New release date September 14, 2021. The information comes directly from the development team.

Deathloop Director Dinga Bakaba and Sports Art Director Sebastian Mitten said: “We have decided to postpone the launch of Deathloop until September 14, 2021. Our goal is to create a quality game and Make sure we respect our team’s ambitions for Deathloop, While ensuring the safety and health of all argon employees. We will use the extra time to achieve our goal: to create a fun, elegant and incredible experience. ”

Then he added: “We apologize for the extra waiting, thank you for your interest. Fuel is what motivates our creativity and motivates us to work hard. We can’t wait to show more about Deathloop. ”


Deathloop was expected for 2020, but the game was postponed to 2021 in August last year, with May set for May. For now, however, the game has been postponed again. The new release date is set for September 14, 2021, as mentioned earlier. Argon has never experienced production delays of any kind. For example, the Lord of the Rings column has also been postponed: the new release period is here.

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