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You can stream music directly from the attached clock

You can stream music directly from the attached clock

Google has announced that you can quickly stream music from your connected watch under Wear OS, without the need for your smartphone.

Wear OS 3 looks at the application for YouTube Music. // Source: 9to5 Google

Google is constantly developing the Wear OS, and its operating system is dedicated to connected watches. After adding a new tile to YouTube Music, this giant has announced the opportunity to listen to music directly from your watch without having to keep your smartphone with you, according to the report. PhoneArena.

You can stream music via cellular data or WiFi

As long as it is connected to a WiFi or mobile network, users can stream music directly from the connected clock without having to go through their smartphone. Note that streaming over a mobile network is not supported on iOS.

A new feature for the YouTube Music app is coming From this week“Google announces.” YouTube Music is compatible with most watches running the latest version of Wear OS 2 or later“.

Download YouTube Music to listen to your music without internet

Another new feature of Google’s music streaming service, this time reserved for YouTube Music Premium subscribers: the ability to download your tracks directly to your attached watch without Internet access. Google announces an activitySmart downloads“, WHO”Automatically downloads your favorite topics. If this feature is enabled, your watch will automatically download songs based on YouTube Music listening history“, Can we read Dedicated support page.

YouTube Music on Wear OS 3 (5)
New YouTube Music Apps for Wear OS 3. // Source: Frandroid

Obviously, you may be limited by the storage space available on your watch, but keep in mind that the playback rate on YouTube Music is 128kbit / s for AAC files: this is a much more compressed quality than many streaming services.

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