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Consider downloading Microsoft Flight Simulator: 9 free global updates (list) for the Xbox One

Consider downloading Microsoft Flight Simulator: 9 free global updates (list) for the Xbox One

The Microsoft Flight Simulator is available on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC, and many of you are exploring the vastness of the world that the game offers. Keep in mind that if the title offers successful graphics, many substantial updates from around the world will need to be downloaded to further improve the quality of cities and other points of interest on major continents.

Called World Update, they can be retrieved directly from the Game Store and are completely free. Here we will explain which packs to choose and how to download them.

How to download Microsoft Flight Simulator Global Updates?

To download the new game, you need to go through its exclusive store. So you do not have to search for anything in the Microsoft Store or follow the progress of downloads in the “My Games and Apps” tab as usual.

  • When you’ve in the main menu of the game, go to the “Shop” area
  • Then go to the “Global Update” tab
  • You can access all the global updates available here
  • Click the one you want to get and click “Download”.

You can access the download manager from this page by pressing the “X” button on your controller. You can see the summary of the available components or the progress of the downloads. Since game servers can take a while to upload, we advise you to launch them one at a time without groups.

What items need to be downloaded?

To get started, we advise you to download the full global update. Currently, 9 are available in stores.

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List of global updates and their sizes

  • World Update I: Japan (1.48 GB)
  • World Update II: US (4.22 GB)
  • World Update III: UK & Ireland (4.08 GB)
  • World Update IV: Nordics (3.98 GB)
  • World Update V: France, Belgium, Netherlands (5.35GB)
  • World Update VI: Germany, Switzerland & Austria (5.15 GB)
  • World Update VII: Australia (2.50 GB)
  • World Update VIII: Spain, Portugal, Gibraltar & Andorra (3.52GB)
  • World Update IX: Italy & Malta (4.62 GB)