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Crossword even without looking!

Crossword even without looking!

Complete crossword puzzles on smartphone and tablet Even with bad visionThis is a challenge taken by the “Mot I listen to” applicationApp Store And this Game Store Free.

Its designer, Laurent Lalette, designed it so that his mother, who had suffered from AMD for twenty years, could continue to play.

Philosophy: The grids present their definitions in whole or in part by voice. Simply interact with the game – by touch or voice – and select the amount of help you want.

In simplified area mode, the game is suitable for low visibility, Allows you to adjust the font size by combining touch and voice. A version with the easy-to-read “Dyslexia” font is also available.

In 100% voice modeIt acts as an on / off button to activate the microphone and thanks to the voice help, enter your words, hear new letters or move on to the next word …

Then Two free grids allow you to test it outYou can purchase grid packs (from € 0.65 to € 0.85 per point) through the app, compatible iOS And android. A game verified by associations for the blind Unadev And AVH. Useful in the event of cognitive impairment.

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