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You can download Clubhouse on Android by Friday

That was until a few months ago The most anticipated and discussed application, Those who used it, and those who could not get their hands on it; Many do today Hard to remember what is that. The story of Clubhouse in terms of apps and social sites has been very interesting and interesting in recent years, and by the end of the week it will open a decisive chapter for its future: the developers have actually announced that the application will arrive by Friday almost everywhere in the world, including Italy on Android smartphones.

Beginning in the United States

Clubhouse comes with Android users at the end of a downward trend that peaked earlier this year. The application actually refers to something new: a Social networking based on live audio, Which allows you to follow public conversations like podcasts or interfere by raising your hand into digital rooms. The site debuted in the US a year ago, and when it arrived in Europe it sparked curiosity because of its inaccessibility: the app is always only available on the iPhone, and can only be accessed by call. In recent days, developers have completed the development of a variant for Android, however, this was only in practice in the United States.

Visit around the world

In a tweet released in recent hours, Clubhouse officials predict that their creation will reach the Android smartphone Play Store in several countries. In particular, users in Japan, Brazil and Russia will be able to download the app on Android from tomorrow, while those in Nigeria and India will be able to download it from Friday morning; Visitation to all other countries (including ours) is expected within the week, at all events Friday afternoon.

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Litmus test

Meeting is especially important for developers The future of the site. The app will be accessible by call, but it was first introduced to such a large audience because it was not introduced in Europe when it was only available for iPhones. However, compared to a few months ago, a lot has changed: the general enthusiasm for the clubhouse has waned and many companies have already developed competing products within the heavily used social media and applications.