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Google telefono

Google announces caller ID for the latest version of the phone

Last September Google Phone APK Tears The Mountain View company’s development team revealed that they are working on the most requested feature: TheCaller ID Notification. Several months after the news broke, Google Finally activates the functionality for all users with the latest version of the application.

Here comes a feature that has been expected for many months

Once found – this feature is not yet available for smartphones in the editorial office – it will find its place in the function settings Google Phone Under the heading “Caller ID Notification“, As shown in the pictures below. The only item available in the new menu “Report caller ID“, When a short text describes its function:”The caller’s name and number will be read aloud for incoming calls“.

From here the user has the opportunity to choose whether to declare the caller ID Every incoming phone call, Only when using one Pair of headphones Or Do not do this under any circumstances. The usefulness of the Google Phone function is very direct: by activating it, the application will notice the announcement of the user’s number and / or name on the other end of the handset. This is a very convenient feature for those who do not always have a phone in hand or have the opportunity to physically reach their device.

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