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Yes, Monster Hunter Rise is really running on standard switch hardware

Yes, Monster Hunter Rise is really running on standard switch hardware

When Monster Hunter Rise It was revealed last month that this raises questions about the running switch hardware.

After all, there are rumors about a new and more powerful 4K switch next year and Monster Hunter Rise will be released in early March along with many other high profile releases.

In an interview with Eurogamer’s Martin Robinson, Monster Hunter series producer Raiza Sujimoto said he could not talk about Nintendo’s plans for the new hardware in the future, but could confirm that Monster Hunter Rise was running on standard switch hardware.

EG: And it also seemed incredible. I wondered if you were running on the switch – did we see you running on the vanilla switch at TGS?

Rijo Sujimoto: All of these are running on the switch – everything you see at TGS.

EG: I know you can not talk at all with Nintendo’s plans, but it’s interesting that so many more titles are coming out next March and ulation rumors about the new switch. If – in theory – there is a new switch, would you be well positioned to take advantage of it?

Rijo Sujimoto: Well, obviously we do not know what those plans are, but at the moment there are also two different switch hardwares that you are targeting – you’re got the original switch with docking mode, so we already have in mind to make sure that the game does not make any unnecessary ump haul on the player owned proprietary hardware. As for those kinds of plans on the Nintendo side, we can’t talk to them at all. We strive to make the game work as well as possible on any switch you have

Suzimoto also mentioned how the whole “four years” game was evolving – reiterating that it was built on a standard switch game from the ground up. Director of Monster Hunter Generations There is a pause before starting work on the new portable title for the switch.

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Can you see Monster Hunter Rise being released along with the new switch hardware? Share your thoughts below.