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Yamaha XSR700

Yamaha offers the new XSR700, the ‘rebel’ bike for the Eicma 2021

Yamaha Sport Heritage is a range born from the union of modern technology with respect to past design and color schemes. New models will be introduced and launched in 2021 and 2022, taking the traditional range of XSR games to the next level in terms of technology. The faction has reached its maturity without losing its rebellious character.

All XSRs have a specific purpose and better terrain XSR900, retro style motorcycle, Who loves the environment in which he can unleash his power, continues XSR125, active in urban centers, Finally with XSR700, The perfect fusion of the two worlds. Every rider can find the best bike to suit their characteristics and needs. Combining sophisticated technical specifications, iconic style with frame and engine, Yamaha’s Foster Sons philosophy ensures that every model in the game’s traditional line has character and charm. Unique.

More than 65 motorcycles and infinite motorcycles were developed under the Yard Built Project Compatible Yamaha is proud to have built the foundation by riding, revealing the essence of each rider. A platform where people pay their heart and soul to build their ultimate bike.

After submitting it Shinya has been following Kimura’s opinion since 2015, The new XSR700 quickly became one of the favorite bikes of vehicle-seeking riders Funny and rebellious, With a trendy touch. An exceptional look inspired by traditional Yamaha models, coupled with a dark CP2 engine, guarantees an unforgettable ride. While respecting the past, the House looks to the future and improves its model with different changes, which will undoubtedly take it to the next level.

During the Eicma 2021 International Motor Show, Yamaha presents its ‘Rebel’ XSR700.

The new XSR700 is currently on display at the International Bicycle and Motorcycle Show. Eicma 2021. It features traditional design features, retro-inspired tank shapes, straight seat and traditionally designed headlights. Yamaha’s goal is to value bikes of the past, while using modern technologies such as ABS, LED headlights, and the most efficient CP2 E5 engine to date.