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Xiaomi uses its overlay on six additional smartphones

MIUI 12.5, Xiaomi’s home overlay based on Android 11, comes with the manufacturer’s six smartphones. The entire Mi 11 range is affected, as well as the Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra and Mi 9 SE.

Credit: Siomi

As you know, Xiaomi officially issued MIUI 12.5, Its overlay is based on Android 11, in December 2020 Wednesday 11. With the manufacturer’s own consent, The development of this overlay was the hardest of all, Because there are many problems in adapting to good performance, stability and applications.

For this reason the overlay is not automatically integrated into the Mi 11 range of smartphones, i.e. the Mi 11, le Mi 11 Pro, And this Mi 11 Ultra. Beginning April 2021, Chinese Mi 11 owners were able to relocate to the standard version of MIUI 12.5. However, as we learned from our colleagues from the GSM Arena site, Xiaomi is getting ready to use the standard version of its new overlay Six additional smartphones.

So, Mi11 Ultra and Mi11 Pro Qualifies for a column under MIUI 12.5 Mi 10, Mi 10 Pro, Mi 10 Ultra Finally le Mi 9 SE. For now, this migration for MUI 12.5 only refers to Chinese users. Initially, Xiaomi intended to use the standard version in China on April 30, 2021, but eventually the manufacturer’s developers were able to finalize the final version of the standard version before the scheduled date.

First China, then other markets

Regardless, the release of the standard version of MIUI 12.5 in China is good news for users in other regions. Logically, So Shiomi should go for global sorting very soon., Late April or early May. As the Chinese company clarified, the Mi 11, Mi 10 and Mi 10T range will benefit from this first. From June, Other smartphones of the brand can claim migration under MIUI 12.5. This is especially true:

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Source: GSM Arena