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Adobe Flash is dead and with him Formville for Facebook - Nert 4.Life

Adobe Flash is dead and with him Formville for Facebook – Nert 4.Life

To be precise, by the end of December 31st, 2020, Adobe has decided to stop supporting its history Flash player. For those unfamiliar, Flash was one of the first software to allow you to have multimedia and video content on the Internet. Unfortunately this software has always been very insecure and heavy, which is why all major browsers and Adobe have decided to abandon its support and switch to other modern and secure tools. Even historical games like the version, because he disappeared Facebook of Farm house They will not be after 12 years of “glorious” life.

Communication is one thing Singa He states in a brief statement: “Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player to all browsers, so Facebook will no longer support platform games on the platform after December 31, 2020. Therefore directly affected by the form“.

In fact the company started To remove Game for some time. First, Singa had decided to stop making in-app purchases and then withholding any game fees.

He also follows up with Farmville on Facebook 12 years, One of the first successful games on the Zuckerberg stage, is a sign of a giant success like Singa.

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