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Will the "big news" of backward compatibility come?  -

Xbox Series X | S with Nvidia GeForce now, the service now works via Microsoft Edge –

Its Xbox Series X | S You can play PC games now Nvidia GeForce Now, The system is now supported by Microsoft Edge, A newer version of the web browser that can be used directly on consoles.

The incoming support for GeForce Now on Microsoft Edge was announced a few days ago, apparently The Virgin reports that it has already been implemented. Video Tom Warren explains how the operating system works with the Xbox Series X.

In practice, launching the service with Edge is a question that opens up to these application modes in the new Chromium version as we have previously seen with Google Stadia. This is a question in this case as well Cloud gaming By streaming games from Nvidia servers.

Is particularly interesting to use Mouse and keyboard, But the system is still a bit cumbersome to use, and may require some upgrades: As mentioned in the Tom Warren video, the virtual keyboard appears as soon as you start the input with the control system, and there is more. Significant delay creating problems in the gaming experience.

However, the Xbox Series X | This is just the beginning of demonstrating how the S can be opened to a wide variety of applications, thanks to certain specific processes such as the various cloud gaming solutions currently available and supported by consoles.

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