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Xbox Series X |  S & One Supports Google Stadia With New Edge Chromium Application - Nert 4. Life

Xbox Series X | S & One Supports Google Stadia With New Edge Chromium Application – Nert 4. Life

Xbox Series X | S. e Xbox One They can make it work Google Stadia Thanks for the new version of the app Edge Passata Su Chromium, Is currently in the testing phase, but all are expected to be released in the near future.

Moving to the Chromium version marks a significant evolution of the Edge application on the Xbox Progress Even with regard to its use Browser Fixed, but includes a number of interesting innovations, including the possibility of natively working Google Stadia, using the site through the browser on PC and Mac.

At this time, the new Edge is in operation Test In the relatively small rounded alpha skip-ahead group of users, but according to Microsoft’s default mode it should gradually go to larger test groups until the final release to the public.

There is no support for mouse and keyboard yet, but otherwise everything is in the browser Activities The new edge of Windows 10 is common, and switching to the Chromium platform improves compatibility with browser games in general, as well as services such as Skype and Discord on the Internet.

The Edge version of Edge available for the Alpha test panel includes the same sync engine used for the browser in Windows 10, which allows the use of extensions, vertical tabs, packages, and various desktop features. Of these, incidentally, Google Stadia also has support, so this can be allowed Streaming game Xbox Series X directly through Google service | S and Xbox One.

We still do not know if this feature can be achieved The definitive version Released to the public, but there should be no restrictions on consoles except for specific changes to the Edge Chromium. Interestingly, this would be an additional opportunity to use Xbox Simultaneous serviceIt looks like Microsoft is testing xCloud on the computer via a web browser, as well as testing 1080p gaming.

Xbox Series X and Series S get support for Google Stadia with the new Edge