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Xbox Game Pass is interesting, but Sony's single player strategy is better, Joseph Charge - Nerd 4. Life

Xbox Game Pass is interesting, but Sony’s single player strategy is better, Joseph Charge – Nerd 4. Life

Xbox Game Boss This is an idea Interesting Per Joseph chargeHowever, the volcanic director and game designer responsible for the new It Takes Two Likes Sony’s approach, Focuses on creating great intellectual qualities that focus more on storytelling and the classic single player experience.

In fact The The difference Since there are still a large number of different variants of the Xbox Game Pass, it seems like a little planned because there is no such limit. The fee, however, gives this strategy “Netflix of video games” He will run against Sony’s usual mega-products, which he wants to continue.

However, according to the author of A Way Out and It Takes Two, Game Boss’ idea is also interesting, except for “not sure yet what it can come up with” because he says there will still be a good amount of exclusive products on stage.

“Anyway, this Netflix video game is interesting because it’s still hard to figure out what it can bring. Future. It’s not like that Picture, Games are different products, but it will be interesting to see where such an approach leads. “

Either way, the Force seems to be more than just a fan of Sony products and their approach Story and cinematography: “I’m a fan of Sony’s strategy now because I like games with a lot of storytelling and well – structured intellectual properties,” Forres said.

Foresight’s vision will be revised later, as Microsoft’s numerous team acquisitions begin to produce games under the new label, and the game designer is ready to re-evaluate the issue in the next period.

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