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Xbox Game Boss, new thrilling game coming soon

Xbox Game Pass is ready for a great game. A creepy title will make you shudder with scary, scary screenshots

The Xbox Game Boss does not stop to amaze us, game after game, this time decided Place something wonderful on the plate. We have never done this before because we know very well that offers and proposals will always meet all expectations. But this time, the fear really makes the 90s.

New game coming to Xbox Game Pass (proof every eye)

This is a topic where you can experience really bad dreams Company of Unusual Creatures. Russia is completely divided by cyborgs who want to destroy humanity. 4 new screenshots of the questionable title have appeared on the web, and the pictures are really scary. We always like some ads that talk about pure terrorism, especially after that Promise of Dying Light 2 developers.

Tremble with fear through the next Xbox Game Boss game

We have it too “Be so scared” Communication STALKER 2 Official Adjournment. Images appeared on the Internet, however, that did not show the main character or any specific equipment. But still 4 different settings Describes the new adventure that comes for free with Microsoft Game Pass. This is called a game Nuclear heart. From the environment of watching the open world with some cyborgs, to the mannequins sitting at school desks, the locations are truly terrifying.

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New Xbox Game Pass Game
New game coming to Xbox Game Boss (Source Twitter)

Everything is so dark and creepy that it will definitely make us discover the most horrible curves of our mind. The whole game has a well-designed layout and incredible attention to detail. Undoubtedly this title has a lot to offer and is associated with a scary and horrible way. Unfortunately we still do not know what it is Release date This video game. However, as we said before, this is the title that will be within Game Pass. But there is another message.

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Especially his Visit the console and computer. As for the Sony and Microsoft home platforms, we especially mention the PS4 and Xbox One. However, we are not yet sure if this is an experience that involves the arrival of the next generation. Let’s see!