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GF VIP: An oasis in the hands of GyanMaria after racist allegations (video)

GF VIP: An oasis in the hands of GyanMaria after racist allegations (video)

After the excellent arguments of Solail Sorge yesterday, its competitor GF VIP The ex got comfort in the hands GianMaria antinboli. Let’s find out what they said and a video of that moment.

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GF VIP Yesterday, All Against Solail: That’s why

Before we get to the moment of Solail and Gyanmaria, let’s find out what happened the day before GF VIP, This has unleashed the wrath of many competitors.

Fighting broke out between Wednesday Alex Belly e Sami Youssef. However, Sorge joined in to protect the actor. In an effort to calm everyone down, the contestant turned to Inet Stephen and Sami Youssef:

Stop screaming, you sound like monkeys

Regardless of the harmless intent, the sentence was immediately linked to a racist sentence. So that was the reason for yesterday’s fight.

The day after the unhappy phrase used by Solail Sorge, the contestants GF VIP Manila and Joe Schillo decided to reveal to the woman the mood of the house and the racist messages that came from her words.

Solail’s reaction was immediate, very surprising, and with tears in his eyes he decided to leave the house. Trying to clarify and calm the water, Solail decided to talk to those directly concerned about what had happened and apologize to them. But the debate did nothing more than feed more! Find all videos of controversies by clicking WHO.

Gianmaria convinces Soleil: “You have to be happy” video

Despite the disagreements of the recent attacks, the former Gyanmaria antinolpi after several attacks by Solail from various quarters GF VIPHe decided to convince the woman. Here are the videos of that moment:

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After the fights at GF VIP, what do you think of Gianmaria Antinolpi’s words to the former Soleil? Stay updated with Donabop Find the object and all the messages beyond it.