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World Beyond TWD - S2 angeteast, The Walking Dead S11-Teaser Scan Da

World Beyond TWD – S2 angeteast, The Walking Dead S11-Teaser Scan Da

++ Update from July 6, 2021: Even the first teaser trailer The Walking Dead Season 11 is already available in a hot preview, the perfect trailer will have to wait until Comic-Con as announced below.

“The Walking Dead” Season 11 Teaser1

++ Update from July 2, 2021: If you still have The Walking Dead The Season 11 trailer is waiting, and then you have to wait a little longer. But not too long! Because through series director Angela Kong Twitter In July it was announced that the trailer for the San Diego Comic-Con would be released. This time, they only care about fixing it well. The trailer for Comic-Con, well, that’s it TWD-Tradition.

The SDCC will be held again this July Digital only instead. You can switch to Comic-Con @ house July 23 to 25. You want to try your hand at a one person event at a small event in November.

++ News from June 21, 2021: Season 2 ends with Walking dead – beyond the world Already. It was for the American broadcaster A.M.C. It was clear from the beginning because they wanted to try a new form of storytelling with these two seasons.

What can you expect from this second and final season? It revealed the lead actress Alexa Mansour In a recent interview Cummins.

You will find that Iris and Hope are in many ways Walking dead – beyond the world The locations would have changed. You often catch yourself thinking that Hope should do something, not Iris. In addition, fans can expect answers to many questionsThat they are inside Walking dead – beyond the world Season 1 still holds. Sure, she couldn’t express much, but many open questions would be answered.

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Mansour also describes how he personally grew up in this series. She is more confident now because a certain amount of energy can run it for a very long time. He would have served six months this season. Sometimes you feel just as powerful as this character, and she would have seen it so positively.