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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 emerges from all angles in the video

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 emerges from all angles in the video

American Leaked Evan Plus Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has uploaded three videos.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 for example

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 For example // Source: Frontroid

Next month, during the conference to present its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, the Korean manufacturer will also present its new integrated watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

In recent weeks, a lot of information about him has been published – like Views Or some features – now videos of the digital tapper have been leaked on Twitter. This Monday, US leaked Evan Plus actually uploaded three videos of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – one for its color – to discover its 360-degree design.

– Evan Plus (vevleaks) July 4, 2021

– Evan Plus (vevleaks) July 4, 2021

It looks like the “classic” version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 because you can see a crown around the screen. Like the Galaxy Watch 3, it can be used to navigate the clock menus, while the “Active” version of the digital knockout is absent.

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is available in three colors

In terms of colors, the videos show three versions of the Galaxy Watch 4: with two glossy metal case – black or gray strap – and a black case and strap. In all three cases, it was a silicone strap that Samsung introduced. Here are the same colors we already saw in A Previous Android Authority leak, Suggests that only these three shades will be provided when the watch is introduced. The straps seem to have simple shafts with a quick release method, which ensures that the watch straps are easy to replace.

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On the right, you should find two buttons similar to the previous version. On top of that Galaxy Watch3, The button below allowed access to all installed applications, while allowing you to go up. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

In fact, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 will be the first watch to benefit from the Korean manufacturer New version of root OS as a result of merging with Tyson. Samsung has mentioned that it will be distinguished by a particular one because the watch will always retain its original character A UI interface designed for the smartphone version.

This is it August 11 Samsung is expected to officially release its new integrated watch. It will be available in two versions: Classic and Active.