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With the reception center at Carabinieri

With the reception center at Carabinieri

Carabinieri of Cambagnia di Gonagliano intervened yesterday afternoon in the Cகாte d’Anta Arbano, via Marconi, at the request of the owner of a timber trading company.

The latter, while trying to unload a tree from a truck driven by a 43-year-old Bosnian hijacker, noticed some people in the body of the vehicle were in a traffic jam.

Army personnel found three-year-old foreigners, a minor, a man and possibly an Afghan without documents.

The first investigation also confirmed that the vehicle had left Bosnia territory and crossed the Trieste border into Italy.

At present, no liability has been disclosed to the driver, unaware of the fact that the four may have boarded the lorry when the lorry driver was parked abroad.

The foreigners, under reasonable health conditions, went to the reception center in the province, in agreement with the province of Travis.

(Source and photo: Carabinieri Treviso).

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