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Das Auto als Heimkino: „Hey, Google, heize den Volvo, gleich wird YouTube geguckt“

Car as home cinema: “Hey, Google, warm up Volvo, we’ll be watching YouTube in a while”

Volvo relies heavily on Android Automotive OS (AAOS) in most vehicles, and is now expanding its range of products into series production and already sold devices. As the first manufacturer, according to its own information, Volvo is now making the Google Assistant externally available on the vehicle. The YouTube company is also booming. More applications will follow.

Google Assistant pre-heats the car

After the update, users will be able to link to their own account with Google Assistant (tested on Polestar 2), which is an integral part of AAOS. Google Assistant at Volvo is now accessible not only from the car, but also remotely. The car is becoming an integrated smart device.

For example, it can help users pre-cool the car with a Google Assistant in the apartment or a smart speaker on the smartphone – until then it is necessary to use a Volvo processor.

Google Assistant can not only send commands to the vehicle, but also send vehicle information to the user: “Google, what is the current battery level“In the future, Volvo’s faculty will be able to use the car’s assistant to control other smart devices, such as home lighting.

Initially, the range of functions was even smaller, with functions such as when to start or stop charging the vehicle only being planned to date. Volvo has not yet provided an overview of the available functions.

The first video application to be introduced was YouTube

With YouTube, the first video streaming application also enters Volvos with AAOS, a function previously not available in AAOS. Others “Major streaming providers“According to Volvo, in most markets there are no restrictions on the volume of streaming through the vehicle antenna.

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The manufacturer justifies the integration of the streaming processor with many others who have recently integrated video streaming into the vehicle, primarily with longer charging intervals for electric vehicles, but with the possibility of planning jobs in the longer Volvo autonomous driving stages. And by referring to the sound system fitted to the car, Volvo sees that the vehicle is stable and can watch movies and series seamlessly at high quality. Vision: Car as a home theater.

Competing to the inherent sober nature of many home set-ups and Volvo interiors, the audio system – a closed environment with noise reduction and comfortable seats – acts as an extra personal space without car hassles.

Google integrates YouTube with AAOS and extends Google Assistant for other operating system clients, such as Polestar and General Motors, Provided in the pledge – But only after Volvo.

AAOS in Volvo acquires YouTube (Image: Volvo)

More apps on Google Play

In parallel with the announcement that UWB wants to turn Android smartphones into car keys, Google has announced new applications for AAOS with navigation, parking, charging or areas of interest, as well as Sygic, Flitsmeister, ChargePoint, PlugShare. , SpotHero, ParkWhiz, MochiMochi, Fuelio and Prezzi Benzina have already provided specific examples. Applications for Lyft and Kakao Mobility for their drivers must also be installed via AAOS.

However, additional applications are also required, and the offer was an embarrassment at the beginning of AAOS, especially since AAOS did not allow the smartphone to be paired with Android Auto.

By renewal in the coming months

If Google Assistant is available in this country, Google Assistant’s in-depth integration into the user’s ecosystem will be available to all vehicles using AAOS and integrated with the Volvo Cars app. Volvo did not provide any details regarding the integration of YouTube.

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