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With over 36 million copies sold, Creative is the UK's largest team -

With over 36 million copies sold, Creative is the UK’s largest team –

Strategic series Total war Turns 21 in 2021, but has another big milestone to celebrate: Saga has sold more than 36 million copies. The information comes directly from the game’s developer, Creative Assembly. Total War Three Kingdoms can be proud to have collected a good portion of these 36 million. The game was actually very successful in China, selling 1 million copies in its first week alone.

Total Wars’ Warhummer sub-series also performed well, with the Warhummer 3 pre-orders topping the Steam rankings. According to the developer, Each month 1.5 million people out of a total war comrade play a title.

Total War is a victory for the Three Kingdoms

In addition, the development team is now 800 permanent employees Opened a third team in West Sussex. Creative Assembly has become the largest development team in the UK, says studio director Gareth Edmondson. He added: “This is a very exciting time for the Creative Assembly, the highly anticipated Total War Warhamer 3 on the horizon and our New IP – a sci-fi shooter – in development. ”

We don’t know much about the new game. It is said to be an “ambitious multiplayer game” which is a first person shooter Allows players to “use a variety of creative game styles”. Therefore, it seems that the Creative Assembly wants to go beyond the overall victory and strategy of the war.

We see the whole war: Rome Remaster, the new trailer shows the differences with the original.