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Windows: Print Nightmare Complex Defect Connection Available

Windows: Print Nightmare Complex Defect Connection Available

The fix for this important security vulnerability is available for download via Windows Update. However, this is of concern to users of some brands of printers.

Recently, Microsoft warned its users of a major security vulnerability that has been dubbed Print Nightmare. It is an exploit that allows a hacker to run the code remotely on a coding system with very high access. This gave him many possibilities to harm: installing programs, modifying or stealing data, creating or deleting users …

The vulnerability that affected all versions of Windows is now there Link fixed at KB5004945; You can download it normally with Windows Update.

Used a major impact on the Print Nightmare service Windows Print Spoiler. This is a service that allows you to automatically manage the sequence of posts at once. So this is a hole, it is very urgent to insert. This service is used by a large number of consumer applications and plays an important role in business.

Concerns for some printer models

If the vulnerability is resolved, there is one more concern: if this link is effective against PrintNightmare, it could cause problems for some printers, especially the Zebra brand. Always after On the edge, Some users had trouble connecting to their printer after installing the update.

If you are interested, you can get it back by reinstalling your printer as an administrator. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the new connection to come in the next few days.

According to On the edge, Which is basically a testament to the notion developed by Sangpore researchers. The code may have ended up carelessly on the Internet, which may have been due to a communication error between the researchers and Microsoft.

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