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Even Sony doesn't know how to place the PS5 horizontally

Even Sony doesn’t know how to place the PS5 horizontally

Sony’s minor error indicates design issues with the PS5. The appearance of the console has been criticized since its inception.

Design PS5 It is far from convincing everyone. If there is an undeniable future feature, with Her bold curves, Its imposition size does not facilitate its storage. This is not yet clear to Sony. Kotaku actually invented, July 8, Manufacturer’s ad showing a PS5 upside down. It was quickly deleted, but the internet kept everything in memory.

The point is, the PS5’s shadow can be confusing – horizontally, the top flat, which can cause owners to turn the console upside down. Sony offers a platform, so the bottom part, will be more empty. But it has not been fixed, which does not make its use easier.

PS5 turned upside down by Sony // Source: கோட்டாக்கு

The design of the PS5 is constantly being talked about

If you want to place your PS5 horizontally (for vertical placement, we can not go wrong) one thing to remember: the disk should be at the bottom left, when the console is prompted. Did you select the version without the reader? It is very delicate: the black central part should be thick on the right (where the extension of the two white plates forms a kind of neck).

Keep in mind that this is not the first time Sony has made a mistake in positioning its console. Just a few weeks after the PS5 was launched last December, கோட்டாக்கு, Already, an error was found signed in Hermann Hulst. The PlayStation Studio boss has shared a short clip showing his cat in front of the TV. The man, who was very observant that his PS5 had been turned upside down, forced the person to delete his tweet.

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However, a few months after the launch of the product, the design of the PS5 continues to be discussed (It is still very difficult to find). Proof that Sony does not believe in this matter. White doesn’t help, it’s real (thankfully there’s a trick A black PS5). We look forward to the PS5 Slim, which should be as small, hopefully, and beautiful as it has traditionally been since the first PlayStation.

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