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Did the Bluper team refuse?  Not exactly!  Comment by Anthi Kolam

Did the Bluper team refuse? Not exactly! Comment by Anthi Kolam

The ever-focused video game community has recently created an interesting scene Three unpublished projects not mentioned in the Blooper group syllabus.

Con i Code Names “Black “, “Dum Spyro “ e “H20 “, The latter, partly funded with EU funding, quickly attracted public attention and was eager to learn more. Although Descriptions of the three Blooper board games Not particularly consistent with the latest Rumor about a Silent Hill The software home (which recently signed a joint venture agreement with Gonami) is in development, and these views have not failed to further provoke speculation.

To try to clarify the situation, Tomas Kavlikovsky, Released a report to the authors of the CMO, of the Blooper Group IGN USA. The latter is usually interpreted as one Denying the existence of Silent Hill in the development of the Blooper group. Story However, the explanation is not unanimous And is contested by a well-known insider Twilight Golem. In fact, by carefully analyzing Kavlikovsky’s words, we learn the following:

  • Project H20 Over time that has changed Layers of Fear2, Launched in 2019;
  • Project Black: The original project was discontinued, but the team is still working on a game with this code name. However, this is a very different topic now than predicted in the initial plan;
  • Project Dum Spyro It turned out Inaccessible to the moment, Due to problems with adjusting the product’s business appeal with its fulcrum. So the game is currently in a state To stand;

Finally, the reports continue in secret In a paragraph indicating the completeness of the discussion The Blobber group is linked to the meaning of CMO’s words. The latter confirmed that the software was home at this time Involved in two projects: “Both – It reads – However, they have higher ambitions than the medium None of these are based on foundations or campuses studied online these days“This last sentence refers to a growing number of rumors Silent Hill.

However, analyzing the context – as emphasized Twilight Golem –, Kavlikovsky simply mentions once again Expired descriptions of projects H20, Black e Dum Spyro. An example of this would be the words of the same editorial staff IGN USA, Who writes: “It is understood that Kavlikovsky did not provide any details on whether the studio is operating on a Silent Hill game, or what is the basis of the deal with Konami.“.

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In the end, Silent Hill Fog is not ready for sleep yet, Leaves no doubt about the true existence of the new plan related to IP horror. Again, nothing for the community of enthusiasts, but wait for any updates!