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Windows 11 still uses some Windows 3.1 dialogs

The sleek new design of Windows 11 still obscures some of the dialogues derived from the Windows 3.1 era. Similar dialog boxes have already been found in Windows 10. Microsoft considers the backward compatibility of some programs with all versions of Windows to be essential for its customers. These early Insiders versions of Windows 11 did not complete the operating system moult yet.

Credit: u / gpjoe278 via Reddit

The first Windows 11 preview has been circulating on the web for days, Which made the first discovery possible Screen shots of the new operating system. We’ve found a new, more refined interface: windows adopt rounded edges, menus give a floating look above the taskbar, and its icons are now centered like the MacOS dock.

Further This preview allowed us to discover some surprises. The catches taken at Reddit actually show that Microsoft has not removed some yet Windows 3.1 dialogs already present in Windows 10. These interface components date back to at least 1990 (they may have been designed for Windows 3.0, although less popular than Windows 3.1), and Included in this preview of Windows 10 to Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The remnants of Windows 3.1 are still in the Windows 11 preview: bad sign?

These dialogs can be found in some sections of the Control Panel. Especially Program D Configuration Windows OTPC (Open Database Connection) It is still used today to link some outdated Windows applications to multiple databases. The system is no longer supported, but it is maintained on Windows for backward compatibility with older applications. Microsoft Windows has always had a very wide backward compatibility So far there is no indication that things are going to change drastically with Windows 11.

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However, we hope that these code fossils will not be found in the final version. And the company’s engineers will finally integrate the system around the actual results. We hope that Microsoft Control Panel will not have different interfaces, which will give the appearance of undesirable clutter for Windows 10. Microsoft seems to be on the verge of completely replacing the control panel. By new ones.

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To return to the interface components derived from Windows 3.1, we notice that Microsoft has given them a small brush, circling their edges as well as other windows on the system. It remains to be seen whether it is really necessary to maintain the reliability of the backward compatibility with Windows 11. In fact, by 2021, why insist on providing more components like OTPC by default when no modern application is in use? Integrates with multiple databases such as SQL due to lack of support? Making Windows easier will improve the system in terms of user experience, stability and overall performance..

Source: Reddit