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F1 22: F1 Life, Bit Stops, Gamble ... New Features Released on Video!  |  Xbox One

F1 22: F1 Life, Bit Stops, Gamble … New Features Released on Video! | Xbox One

As the Monaco Grand Prix takes place this weekend with many twists and turns, EA is releasing a new trailer today F1 2022 It focuses on what is new in the game.

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F1 Life Hub Revealed

As the new rules come into effect from this year, with the advent of new cars and the existence of new regulations, the changes are different. In terms of the game, we can see the potential for manual bit stops and the possibility of being placed in the starting position at the end of the creation lap.

We also explored the F1 Life Hub’s perspective, in which you can customize its incarnation with a variety of clothing and accessories, but its interior is also furnished with furniture and cups. There are also super cars, and many more valuable models can be found in the trailer.

Like on TV

High speed transmission is also featured. Overall, it allows you to enjoy a high-speed gaming experience with the official camera angles and overlays (ranking, animation, etc.) used when broadcasting races on TV.

On this occasion we had the opportunity to learn a little more about the new features of the game on Xboxygen Many previews Already read.

Note that the F1 22 will be available on July 1, 2022 on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, but also on the Xbox Series X | S and PS5. Pre-orders are already open.

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