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Windows 11: Microsoft offers new keyboard shortcuts

Windows 11: Microsoft offers new keyboard shortcuts

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Windows 11: New keyboard shortcuts make things a lot easier for you

Windows 11 should come with new keyboard shortcuts.

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Updated: 07/07/2021 – 3:02 pm

Microsoft plans to release the Windows 11 operating system later this year. The new keyboard should come with a whole series of shortcuts.

For years, the US team has been trying to make Microsoft’s operating systems as user-friendly as possible. Part of this task is not only an attractive design, but also the intuition that the user can control the functions of the computer. This is sometimes advertised by Windows keyboard shortcuts. Under Windows 11 Must join newcomers.

New keyboard shortcuts for Windows 11

Functions and systems do not always find a quick way. Keyboard shortcuts help make tasks much easier. Although they can be annoying every time you accidentally use a particular combination, they usually facilitate and speed up the use of their respective software – just like Windows 11.

Like Dr. Windows Announced, Expect the following shortcuts:

  • Windows + W: Web-widgets
  • Windows + n: Information Center and Announcements
  • Windows + A: Quick settings
  • Windows + Z: Snap Assistant

Other changes to Windows 11

In addition to the Windows keyboard shortcuts, the new operating system also gives you some other innovations. some times Windows 11 should improve your computer’s battery life. Another Microsoft’s decision could put its rival Apple at risk.

They are: Dr. Windows

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