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Windows 11: Improvements to the Start Menu and Taskbar

Windows 11: Improvements to the Start Menu and Taskbar

With Windows 11, Microsoft introduces a completely redesigned Start menu and revised taskbar. Not only did it praise the modern design of Windows 11, but it also received a lot of negative reviews for changes to the Start menu and taskbar. Many users are losing well-known functions that are now completely missing or very difficult to access. If you are a Startup company, you are already working on third-party solutions to replace the new Start menu. Of course, this is not in the interests of the Redmond-based company, so users are accommodated in certain areas.

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Improvements to the taskbar and Start menu are in progress in Windows 11

Like colleagues from Desk mode Reportedly, Microsoft is working on some minor improvements to specific areas. So you can hide the “Recommended” section in the new Start menu and show more icons in the future. But well-known functions are also included in the taskbar.

An application’s icons cannot be dragged directly into the taskbar at this time. Obviously, Microsoft developers do not know how happy users are using this feature. It should therefore be re-integrated into future structures. But switching to standard apps should be as simple as Windows 10 in the future under Windows 11. Currently you have to click dozens of different menus and modify the standard application for each file format individually. Microsoft is good to hear user feedback here.