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Windows 10: This future update will change the lives of audiophiles

Windows 10: This future update will change the lives of audiophiles

In its next major update, Windows 10 will drastically simplify the use of Bluetooth audio devices.

There are going to be some changes with the next big update Windows 10, Responds to the sweet nickname of the Sun Valley. As Microsoft begins to release its May 2021 update, we begin to receive some news about the next major redesign of Windows 10. It should bring some welcome messages on the audio page.

Simple experience

Currently, Windows 10 is a bit confusing when it comes to managing audio devices on Bluetooth. The OS divides your headphones / earphones into several profiles, which sometimes depend on the sound quality or the sound of the microphone. The problem is that many of these entry points sometimes cause problems in some applications, making it difficult for the user to read.

With this next update, Windows 10 will finally be simplified on this page. Audio devices connected via Bluetooth will now be recognized via your entry point, indicating your headphones or earphones. The system will decide for itself whether to prioritize sound quality and microphone sound depending on the situation and the software running.

AAC support along the way

Another novelty is that this time it is about users of Apple products, but not only. Windows 10 currently supports the most popular codecs, Qualcomm SBC and OptiX. However, the company has always ignored the widely used codec at Apple, especially iTunes, via Apple Music, but its audio devices such as Airboats and Airboats Max. This means that users of these services or products should enjoy better audio quality following the release of this update.

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