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Will the "big news" of backward compatibility come?  -

Will the “big news” of backward compatibility come? –

Xbox Series X | S. You can get some interesting updates, maybe include Backwards compatibility, In the next period Interesting news It seems to be getting there Next week.

This was reported by a YouTube channel that specializes in technical analysis and comparisons ElAnalistaDeBits, Especially with the advent of the new generation consoles gaining some popularity. YouTuber (or YouTubers, if they are a team) “The February 17, Xbox users can access some interesting content on the channel. “This is the“ best news ”for the Xbox Series X and Series S.

According to the report, some people may have had initial access to the YouTube channel Technical information or features To start working on some intelligence in advance, but he signed a National Democratic Alliance with a deadline of 18:00 on February 17th because he could not talk about it before that date.

They are said to be important things, determined to be “over”, but it is not clear what it will be for now, as YouTube wants to increase the wait for its next content to arrive.

Whereas ElAnalistaDeBits is mainly concerned Analysis Technically, the graphics or Xbox Series X | S may have some new features or functions Performance, More than new content. According to various theories, this may be due to the advanced lagging compatibility of Microsoft consoles, with a hint of the possibility of doubling the frame-rate of some games, making it semi-automatic 60 FPS Starting at 30 fps from one site, but currently it is only speculative work.