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La peau créée par les chercheurs ressemble à s'y méprendre à une peau humaine. © sdecoret, Adobe Stock

Will Terminator soon be real with this first “living” robot skin?

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have developed skin that is similar to human skin, and is still alive. In a study published in the journal Thing, They present a robotic finger covered with an organic skin and have functions Water repellent And healing. An improvement may seem small, but it brings us considerably closer Real human figures ! “I think living skin would be the ultimate solution to make robots look and feel like living creatures, because that’s exactly what it is. Subject It covers the bodies of animals. “The first author of the study, Shoji Tagucci, said.

The real components of human skin

To get this SystemThe researchers used a cluster of created cells In laboratory testing mode And Collagen. A mix of inspiration Implants Used in biomedicine to treat severe wounds and burns. The robot finger was first dipped in the mixture Fibroblasts Equal reproduction of human skin and collagen SkinAnd then closed the whole thing Keratinocytes Human epidermis Create an epidermis.

The whole thing then shrunk SolidificationCreating real skin-like folds around the finger. “The advantage of our method of concealing 3D objects equally to the skin is the use of tissue contraction during culture, which allows harmonious coverage of 3D objects, especially those with curved and uneven surfaces.” Researchers write.

Check pants andFlexibility Leather, the team was then many Movements To do Robot fingerThere is more “Evaluated the barrier function of fabricated skin equivalents In laboratory testing mode With electrical measurements and tests Water stagnation », As researchers write. And it was great! ‘Finger Al’Wind Slightly “wet” straight out growing middleS.Takeuchi was excited. Just as the finger is powered by an electric motor, so it is interesting to hear the clicks of the motor in unison like a real finger. ⁇

Healing properties

In addition to its aesthetic and mechanical properties, the developed leather has brand new leather propertiesSelf-healing. After the researchers placed the collagen bandage “Injury” Robot finger: The bandage gradually melts into the skin, rebuilt! “After the collagen sheet was applied to the wound site, the wound was repaired by the function of the skin fibroblast.

But this is only the beginning, the end of the study: developed skin is weaker than natural skin, and more needed Nutrition supply : For the future, the team plans to add Sensitive neuronsOf Follicles Hairy, Nails And Sweat glands. “We are amazed at how good the fabric is Skin based Corresponds to the surface of the robotSays Tagucci. But this work is only the first step in creating robots covered in living skin. ⁇

The formed skin withstood all the tests! © Matter, Kauai and Para

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