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Why not download APK GTA 5 on iOS and Android?  - Breakflip

Why not download APK GTA 5 on iOS and Android? – Breakflip

Some sites offer to download the apk to run GTA 5 on iOS and Android, however these sites should be avoided.

Released on consoles in 2013 and on PC in 2015 GTA5 Many generations of home consoles have seen multiple ports and will be available on the PS5 by 2021. However the game has never been adapted for mobile phones and it does not seem to be in the plans Rockstar Games.

However, some sites come forward to download An APK to run GTA 5 on Android and iOS. We explain here Why not do it.

Why not download the APK for GTA 5 on iOS and Android?

Although GTA5 has been shipped to many sites The game was never available on Rockstar Games smartphones (iOS and Android). It does not appear to be in the plans of the American publisher. However, many sites offer downloading APKs (file format) to run GTA5 on mobile. Because these sites should be avoided They are not official and may endanger the phone And its safety.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 will be available in 2021 on the next generation consoles

Available for almost eight years now, GTA5 and its online mode is available on PlayStation (PS3, PS4 and soon PS5), Xbox (Xbox 360 and Xbox One) and PC. These are the only sites that support the official version of the game.

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