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Which was the first watch to be integrated under HarmonyOS?

Which was the first watch to be integrated under HarmonyOS?

Unless you turn off AoD mode and become overly greedy for connected functions, you will reach 72 unannounced hours without worry. Athletes may have to deal with less autonomy if they want to train every day. However, I did not feel the urgency to check if the clock was going to catch me every thirty seconds until the end of the day.

Now let’s talk about the “Ultra” mode. As the name suggests, the Watch 3 aims to keep the battery as long as possible. Huawei announces 14 days of usage, which is similar to older smartwatches powered by Lite. Of course, this can be detrimental to some functions.

Even there, I was expecting something violent, which would have turned the clock into a simple tapping, very good at telling the time. Again, I made a mistake …

In fact, the Ultra mode can keep a certain number of functions in operation. Once activated, you can receive regular notifications via Bluetooth from your smartphone, play games, and check your physical characteristics without fail. Basically, the Watch 3 starts working like a clock under the Lite, that’s it!

Of course, you will lose access to eSIM and Wi-Fi, as well as apps downloaded from AppGallery. You can also change the watch faces, and there will no longer be AoD mode. The system is low fluid, controlling its frequency to store processor energy. But other than that you have almost two weeks of excellent functioning sports tracking. I have never seen such an extensive energy saving mode, which is interesting!

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