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Which VPN do I need to download to watch Netflix abroad?

Which VPN do I need to download to watch Netflix abroad?

Netflix Is a part of The most popular video watching sites today. Basically, Netflix is ​​only accessible from the US. However, the site has evolved and currently offers exclusive programming in some countries.

In other words, the geographical control platform imposed by Netflix applies to other countries that broadcast its plans.

However, VPN services allow you to bypass these geographical restrictions and access all programming broadcasts on Netflix. So, which VPN do I need to download to watch Netflix overseas?

VPNs take care Hide your IP address, Which makes you completely invisible on the web. Because an IP address is geolocated and registered in a specific country, the VPN application allows you to constantly change the address, hence the country.

This, among other things, makes it possible for a country to block exclusive services, in this case Netflix. VPNs allow you to view all the images and series available on the platform without interruption.

If you want to revisit your favorite movies and series, the P2B download feature is also offered by many VPN network providers. This guarantees fast, secure and anonymous download of your Netflix programs.

In Panoply VPN providers, Select those with the largest number of servers in the United States. This gives you direct access to your Netflix table because your IP address is registered in the United States. Choose providers that provide simultaneous connection on multiple devices, including mobile devices.

Top 5 VPNs to Watch on Netflix

Express VPN is one of the best VPN providers. Out of a total of 3,000 servers in 94 different countries, ExpressVBN has 26 server locations in the United States. ExpressVPN has a wide selection of Netflix programming, including 19 listings, including the United States. This VPN service allows you to share the connection on 5 screens simultaneously, among others. ExpressVPN is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

SurfSharkSurfShark is another well-established VPN provider. This provider has 1000 servers in 61 countries. In the United States, SurfShark has 24 servers, making it an ideal tool for enjoying Netflix programs. SurfShark allows access to 14 Netflix listings, including the United States. The main strength of SurfShark compared to its competitors is that it allows unlimited connection sharing.

nordvpnNordVPN has 1,600 US-based servers out of a total of 5,500 servers worldwide. NordVPN’s Smart Play feature ensures a streaming experience without parsers or cuts. NordVPN allows up to 6 devices to be connected to one account at a time. With NordVPN, you can access 7 Netflix listings from the United States.

cyberghostvpnAfter NordVPN and Private Internet Acces, Cybercoast is the largest VPN provider in the United States with over 1,100 servers. Cyber ​​Coast has more than 5,800 servers in more than 90 countries. It is also one of the few VPN providers that offers 45 days free trial, during which you will get your money back if you are not satisfied. CyberChost offers a simple application that allows everyone to enjoy its services. With Cyber ​​Ghost, you can connect up to 7 devices simultaneously and enjoy up to 4 Netflix catalogs, including Netflix US.

privateinternetaccessPrivate Internet access is the VPN, which has over 1,500 US-based servers and offers unlimited bandwidth. Share your connection across 10 devices protected by private Internet access and enjoy the best Netflix programs as a family. Private Internet Access Full U.S. Provides you with access to the Netflix list.

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If you only remember one thing to watch on Netflix, SurfShark is a downloadable VPN provider for Netflix viewers. If the number of Surpshark servers is low, it is due to the number of Netflix listings and unlimited connection partitions, which makes Surpshark stand out from its competitors.