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IPhone users beware! It will be easy for you to switch to Android soon

Apple has been providing an application for many years “Move to iOS“In the Google Play Store. Finally, Google plans to put together a similar tool for those who want to switch from iOS to Android.

Sites are hard to change. It’s possible, but if you get deep into an ecosystem, changing sites without change can cost you a lot of time, effort and money, not to mention that some features can not be fully reproduced.

Currently, if you want to change sites, you must first transfer all data, such as photos from your iPhone to Google Drive, and then upload them back to your new Android smartphone. It works, but you can’t get seamless transition to things like apps.

This is going to change.

Experts 9to5 Google Saw changes in Google’s data recovery tool It refers to the “Switch to Android” application for iOS that transfers data over a WiFi connection between two devices.

It’s good to remember that no switch is right. Some applications are exclusive to certain sites, and even if they are not, payment processors must be purchased back to the new site.

Switching from iOS to Android is like losing iMessage, which is an unacceptable loss for many.

In short, the fact is that there is no “Switch to Android” app in the Apple App Store. But it is worth focusing on this issue in the coming months.

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