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Which Nintendo franchises are compatible with TV?

Which Nintendo franchises are compatible with TV?

It is not new for Hollywood to try and often fail to successfully adapt video games to movies or TV shows. There have been countless examples of frustrating game-to-film adaptations over the years, but recently hopes have been dashed. Streaming services such as Netflix have aggressively aimed to turn video game features into episodic shows and for the most part it is giving good results. Recent Castlevania The animated series was well received and with things like the upcoming The devil can leave And (two) Resident Evil Series on the way, there is definitely potential in the right hands. With the variety of features under Nintendo’s belt, it can also get action, but what great success can Nintendo TV adaptations have?

Super Mario

It’s been a long time since Mario appeared on TV screens. 1989 cartoon mixed bag, but Nintendo followed suit The Adventures of Super Mario Brothers 3 And a Super Mario World Series in the early 90s. Since then: Nothing. We know that Illumination works on an officer Super Mario The movie (fingers crossed, it turns out well), but what about watching Mario on the small screen again? In this day and age, many fans are excited about the new Mario TV series from Nintendo. The well-produced cartoon adaptation that follows the stunts of Mario and friends is a perfect fit for Nintendo’s logo.

Saturday morning-esque children’s cartoons may have light-filled episodes on some minor Mario characters such as Toads and Couplings, while most multi-episode arcs are games with beautiful nodes that can be seen through one of Mario’s castles. Giving Super Mario A new way for fans and new audiences to look into the world of the Mushroom Kingdom and its characters is a feast and the Italian plumber has a more sustainable way to bless our screens.

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The Legend of Zelda

Of all the franchises on this list, this one is the Nintendo TV adaptation, which leads to the most intelligent and understated display. “I’m sorry, princess!” Zelda Cartoon In the past, the series has not yet received reliable adaptation on the small or large screen. You may think it doesn’t work because the link is usually muted, but he has a voice in the official manga adaptations Breath of the Wild The sequel adds depth and personality to his character. The link can speak and provide perspective without betraying the main part of the character.

Alternatively, the link can be filmed very quietly and still be strong, the protagonist. Backed up with the right musical numbers from the games, some of the best plots in the series may come from linked characters or situations, as well as he will have a lasting effect on them. Watching the speechless link find the trapped animal, find a way to free the episode or help the children who lost their friend in a cave, puzzle-like adventures that fit the tone of the game exactly. For an idea of ​​what it would be like, check out the ones made with the beautiful fan Zelda/ Studio Ghibli crossover above.


That Metroid The series is actually part-horror that has been the subject of discussion among fans for a long time, but without a doubt, a Metroid The TV adaptation from Nintendo tends to make it easier. Bizarre form of metroids and named after Ridley Reference Horror classic Alien Means creatures of Metroid Naturally sci-fi horror fits the aesthetic. In the CG or animated series, an adaptation decides to follow the problem on various stunts across the galaxy.

Samus Super Metroroid: Other M Metroroid Prime Nintendo TV Adaptation Video Game Adapted

Can explore the theory of episodes Metroid The universe through her encounters with the galactic federation or space pirate communities. At the same time, other stories can show the problem at work, taking the metroids to a more intimate and isolated environment and triggering those horrible vibes. జ Metroid Taking advantage of episodes of these different genres, the series introduces gamers to the depths of the universe, introducing science fiction and horror fans to the series for the first time, a win-win situation for Nintendo. Looking Super Smash Brothers. Ridley Exposure The trailer gives you an idea of ​​what the weather is like Metroid Can bring the series to the table.

Fire icon

In recent years the fantasy genre has become very popular on TV Game of Thrones. The Witcher And Dragons Dogma Followed, and Fire icon Thrives in this place as well. The other Nintendo franchises I mentioned use well-known characters, every strength Fire icon The game is about creating a new cast of strong characters. With the trend of the series for anime-like character designs, it has a wide appeal to both Fire icon And anime fans in general.

Fire icon The series can take advantage of its strong characters and create originality Fire icon Cast and story, with some approvals for games for fan service. Following the group of characters in Adventure, there are no guarantees as to who can live or die, there are darker themes than other Nintendo shows, engaging viewers and keeping the show from the audience.

Super Smash Brothers.

Naturally, the adaptation of Super Smash Brothers. Licensing can be a nightmare if it expands to non-Nintendo franchises, but the chances are slim if it can. The insane amount of characters and their features combined to make the fun “What if?” Scenes that only fans can dream of. Full-length stories like Luigi help the Belmonds with their haunting castles, a creative and fun way to combine these features, and get a glimpse of what it looks like in the Simon / Richter trailer. In fact, different characters reveal the trailers‌ Super Smash Brothers. The series always comes in fun and unusual character combinations.

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Nintendo TV adaptation video game Luigi Castilvania Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

Hit by Ridley from Samus, Mario and Mega Man Dragon Quest Heroes are stepping in to save the link in a pinch, there is no shortage of ideas that can be turned into one-off episodes. One episode may follow Snake on a mission backed up by Greeninza, while another story may focus on antics like the Nintendo 64 rare gang Donkey Kong and Banjo & Kazui. Combining a list of asymmetrical characters creatively and interacting with them in different worlds of each game is a dream come true for many gamers and adds even bigger ost to the mad crossover. Super Smash Brothers. The franchise already exists.

Which Nintendo franchise would you like to watch on TV?