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Very very wallet

Very very wallet

… Still, from the first minutes, the fun is in the meeting. Already, you can choose your avatar in more wacky characters than each other. After all, the grip is childish: a button to get in the car, and a button to accelerate. To manage the steering, you have to push the stick in the direction you want the car to go on the screen (unlike a regular steering wheel).

Some of the nuances enrich the game, but the whole remainder of the apparent simplicity, and this is a key feature of a co-op game that can include not only “all people” but all friends.

The speed of the game is very good: through many levels, you have to take charge of the vehicles of the customers who present themselves. Then, it’s up to you to park them where you provided them, or … where it’s right for you! The important thing is that when customers leave a restaurant, shopping or other place, they can get their car as quickly as possible, otherwise they will soon become impatient.

Therefore, you need to understand with the rest of your team so that the cars do not interfere with each other and customers do not have to wait long, especially when their vehicle returns to an “acceptable” position. This is where the problem starts!

Besides, the first laugh comes with the problem: the game offers a lot of freedom, cars jump, slide, constantly collide with each other, which quickly becomes a pretty mess on the screen! After all, with a little good will, we still manage to satisfy our customers, get some bonus in the process, and finally get stars that match our performance. These stars, as in Over Cook, also open the upper levels (about twenty levels in all). Keep in mind that the level of difficulty improvement is well managed, and the first levels are actually used to “get your hands on” before moving on to more complex levels.

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Icing on the cake can impress the gallery by saving a mini clip at the right time during the game (who’s worse?). At the end of each level, you can watch each mini clip and vote for the most Creative Player!

We welcome the presence of bonus levels, which will immerse you in even more impossible situations: bowling with your cars or arranging art garbage collection? This is so awesome and above all, it allows the stages of the game to vary (a little).

Here we are when everything changes: you’re playing a good hour, everyone is having fun, but … the game is struggling to update itself. Where Overcook always manages to update its tests and its game to get you stuck on the console, Very Very Valet will stumble a little.

Admittedly, the levels try reception variations (springboards, multiple platforms, warplanes and even departing planes …) but beyond all that, in the end, it’s bringing cars back, parking them, and then taking them back. While this is a fair bit of screen, we have fun, the levels and game dynamics are not updated enough to jump from head to head: we end up going in circles.

Letting go of it is not necessary to the point of never touching it, but it is enough if you want to do something else throughout the evening. So Very Very Valet will entertain you in one hour long sessions, but don’t ask him to impress you for an entire evening.

The game, with a few modifications and additional game ideas, will no doubt be a lot more addictive in the long run. It is not today the triumph of over-cook status. Very Very Valet You should still have a good time, if you hesitate in this test, we have the solution: The free demo of the game is currently available on Eishop!