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Which Microsoft Office suite is right for me?

Which Microsoft Office suite is right for me?

The first difference between the two solutions is the features included in the offer. In both cases you have the right to create presentations for three classic softwares: Word, Word Processing, Excel, Spreadsheet Software and finally PowerPoint.

Additionally, Microsoft 365 offers the following software:

  • A driver for online data storage, 1 TB is provided
  • A note to take note
  • Skype for phone calls and instant messaging, 60 minute calls per month in more than 60 countries
  • Access to manage publisher databases for the production of communication documents
  • Family protection is reserved for family privilege and parental control

Keep in mind that Microsoft 365 offers jobs in collaborative mode, which means you can have multiple people editing the same document at the same time and seeing real-time changes, i.e. having the opportunity to exchange ideas. This service also requires Internet access to sync files on OneDrive and use Skype.

Another notable feature is about the updates: While Microsoft distributes all new features for free to Microsoft 365, Office 2019 does not. Since this is a definitive purchase, you are purchasing the product in its final version, so you only have security updates.

Both offers are available for Windows and Mac operating systems, but if you subscribe to Microsoft 365 you can also use the software on Android and iOS.

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