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If the green pass did not come via code or SMS, you can now retrieve it yourself

If the green pass did not come via code or SMS, you can now retrieve it yourself

In view of August 6, when Green Pass is forced to perform certain functions such as eating in a theater, cinema or restaurant, it becomes necessary to download Green Pass. The pass is issued by the Ministry of Health and is a certificate of cure (valid for 6 months) and a negative result of a wipe done in the previous 48 hours (always valid for 48 hours).

How To Download Green Boss

The national site, after the creation of the Green Pass, sends the code to personal email addresses or via SMS. The code with the data on the health card, website or the Immuni processor provides the opportunity to get certified. If this is not the case then maybe you have a SPIT or Electronic Identity Card (CIE) and you can use the Io application or, in some regions, the Electronic Health Record. Also, as mentioned above, the government is implementing a system to enable automatic autocode generation. An innovation that simplifies processes.

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How to recover green pass download code

From July 30, if the site does not receive text messages or emails It is possible Recover the code independently authcode (by entering the tax code, the last 8 digits of the health card and the date of vaccination) then download the green card from the same site via the Health Card or Immune App

Difficulties were reported

This last attempt was made by the government to address the problems reported by thousands of citizens who did not receive or receive text messages or emails with the code, and complained through messages on social networks, accessing many difficulties Public Utility Number 1500, Active 24 hours a day. In fact, users complain of being “permanently busy or with countless waiting times”. The process of recovering autocode by phone number has been activated since July 12th. But many users claim that telephone access to this service is almost impossible and that even sending citizens emails to @ does not solve the problem.

For many, the only solution is to go to the pharmacy, general practitioner or vaccination center where the vaccine was obtained. It was never created.