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When will the new shares come in Italy?

When will the new shares come in Italy?

GameStop has confirmed the arrival of USA New PS5 and Xbox Series X / S shares in the United States Today (Thursday, January 21) … What about Italy? No information is currently available from the Italian section of GameStopsing.

Ann PlayStation page of the GameStopping website This announcement has been out for several weeks, with no significant changes over time: “PS5 Update: New PS5 consoles are available. GameStopping will use them to satisfy pre-ordered customers by moving them to the waiting list. These consumers will be contacted individually. New pre-orders cannot be made online or in stores at this time. “

Our advice Keep an eye on the retailer’s site And official GSZ channels Facebook, Twitter e Instagram, As we have seen in recent weeks in these cases the situation can develop rapidly even in a few hours. At the time of writing we have unfortunately no news, but things may change soon, and it should be remembered that the arrival of new stocks in US stores does not really mean a close distribution in Europe either.

Anyway The situation is constantly changing, So do not despair and follow us for all updates.

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